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Local Showing


Once you get around to it, I mean finding out more about where you live, where you grew up and realizing how much you could be missing out on and just how much there is to see and experience right in your own little ecosystem... Long Island is like that. The sense of discovery is as sobering as it is encouraging. There is so much history here. SO many hidden gems.


I am all for travel, I love to just get away. The whole event; airport, flight, hotel check-in and adventures that follow. But the exploration and discovery available in my own backyard still amazes me. Historic homes and sites not to mention mansions and castles. And panoramic vistas of farmland, ocean bluffs and woodland trails. And water everywhere - the ocean, the sound, bays and countless inland lakes and waterways.

Long Island is a beautiful place. I call it the home of drive-by shooting - as in shooting pics from the car window. It's a bit more than the miles of coveted beaches. And there is much to be said for the beaches. For one, Long Island enjoys some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets. Anyway this is supposed to be about me, not a travel blog for Long Island. (did I mention the vineyards?)

I've always looked to create - drawing, painting and music too. Discovering photography may have led to my love of local discovery. Or maybe the latter nurtured the former.

Either way, here I am... rediscovering "home" and rediscovering my love for creativity.



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